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Silver plated Glass

5 abril 2019

Silver plated Glass

Kemtron’s silver plated glass filled silicone is the newest addition to Kemtron’s range of Conductive Elastomers.

Silver plated glass offers the same production capabilities as our other elastomers, and can be supplied in sheets, strips, die cut or fully moulded parts, extrusions or O-rings.

The rigorous testing procedures that the silver glass has endured gives the elastomer a shore hardness of 65 (+/-7) along with an operating temperature range of -50° to +160°. It has been tested against MIL-DTL-83528 with a volume resistivity of <0.02 Ω.cm and maintains this resistivity after heat ageing, competing with the best shielding materials on the market.

This addition supports the current range of elastomers, and allows increased variety and suitability for our customers applications.

For further information on Kemtron’s Silver plated glass (SSG) please contact us here.

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