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Distributor Spotlight – Aktif Neser

29 maja 2018

Aktif Neser, Kemtron’s distributor in Turkey hosted their 4T seminar on 15th and 16th May 2018 featuring expert speakers covering technical knowledge, design and testing in electronics. Traditionally, Aktif Neser organise this seminar every 2 years.

The full name of the event, in Turkish, is “Elektronikte 4T” which means “4T’s in Electronics” and the 4T’s stand for the first letters of the Turkish words for “Theory, Design, Test, Supply”. The presentations cover the theory of the products that Aktif Neser sell, how to design efficiently (which product to use when, simulations…) and testing of the end product. The event also provides an exhibition hall for suppliers.

The 4T Seminar was organised in Hilton hotel in Ankara, where technical presentations were held 2 on parallel sessions, over 2 days.  The presentations were delivered by a combination of Aktif Neser, their suppliers including Kemtron and university professors. The sessions were designed to be more technical seminars / courses / workshops rather than marketing presentations. Each exhibitor delivered 2 presentations covering specific subjects, new technologies and developments. The event also provided an exhibition hall and meeting rooms for detailed technical discussions between suppliers and visitors.

Kemtron delivered 2 presentations at the 4T event, the first was titled ‘conductive elastomers – different options for different applications’, the second was titled ‘EMI optical shielded windows’.

Ankara is the ideal location in Turkey for this event and it was well attended.

With the majority of visitors to the seminar being engineers, this was a great chance for Kemtron to get their products in front of key members.

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