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Kemtron – Up the Ante

31 sierpnia 2018

Kemtron – Up the Ante

Kemtron has made another strong move on the market with more upgrades to its factory line. This time purchasing 3 new machines, and a complete overhaul of its compression systems.

Kemtron has invested further into it’s production line, reducing lead times, increasing efficiency and reliability, primarily to maintain the excellent service that Kemtron offers.

Two new presses have been introduced into Kemtron’s elastomer line, improving the quality of the finished product and the speed in which it is achieved. This will have a direct impact on Kemtron’s ability to offer a variety of moulded gaskets in a shorter lead time.

Another knife cutter has been brought in to run alongside our current cutter. Responsible for cutting the majority of our materials, these knife cutters are an extremely vital part of Kemtrons manufacturing process. The pair are now running together, halving the workload, whilst offering double the capacity!

And finally, in order to run these new machines, we needed some power!

Kemtron’s final purchase has seen a completely new Air Compression system installed into its third factory. A more modern machine, offering higher outputs and functionality will support Kemtrons heavy production requirements and altogether bolster it’s endeavour to be the best EMI shielding supplier worldwide.

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