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Kemtron Testing & Development

8 Marzo 2019

Kemtron – Testing and Development

Kemtron has a team of staff dedicated to development and performance of the products that it manufactures. The team have been working meticulously in the lab, developing and creating new formulas and recipes to deliver the highest performing products on the market.

The latest product to arrive from the Lab at Kemtron, is Kemtron’s own Oriented wire in Fluorosilicone.

The material is familiar to Kemtron, but this new development allows Kemtron to have complete control of the entire manufacturing process. This specifically includes vital stages such as; Quality Management and product conformance, through to the final supply of the material.

Kemtron continues to manufacture the highest quality products, and is always developing new ways to solve your sealing requirements.

For more information on our oriented wire in silicone range, please click here.

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