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EMI Solutions for Data Center and Server Applications


Nowadays, the utilization of data centers is essential due to the rising Cloud usage and various bandwidth-hungry applications. Data center operators desire to utilize the data center architecture in the best way possible. Manufacturers of network systems need to account for Electromagnetic Compatibility as a potential problem that could obstruct maximum performance and efficiency in data centers.

Increases in data speed mean an escalation in noise and heat levels. Simultaneously, the addition of wireless devices translates into more signals and elevated heat coming from the connectors. The complexities associated with 5G render necessary the usage of suitable EMI shielding. Consequently, as 5G continues to progress, engineers must be prepared to face the challenges of designing for high-speed data, numerous connections, and advanced frequencies.

Market trends driving the need for EMI protection

System Architecture: More complexity with multiple electronics sub-systems, ensuring overall system performance requires that these sub-systems do not interfere with each other.

Connectivity: Proliferating wireless devices augmenting # of signals and increasing connector heat.

Power Density: Slowing of Moore’s Law increases density creating more heat and signal noise.

Data Speeds: Increasing speeds create more noise and heat.

EMC Regulation: Growing regulation for electromagnetic compliance making EMC more important.

What is EMI Shielding?

Electromagnetic interference shielding refers to the attenuation, in reflection and/or absorption, of electromagnetic radiation through the use of a material that acts as a “shield” against it.

For radiated emissions, this can be achieved by using materials and components that will create a Faraday cage from the enclosure, or by creating a smaller Faraday cage within the enclosure.

Why is EMI shielding important?

All active electronic devices have the potential to emit electromagnetic radiation. EMI shielding products protect critical electronic components and systems from EM interference.

  • EMC compliance required by law/performance specifications.
  • EMC non-compliance causes system level redesign late in product development process.

Where is EMI shielding used?

EMI shielding gaskets are applied at the seams of an enclosure to establish a low resistance conductive path to block radiated emissions into and out of the enclosure.

  • Conductive gaskets/windows/vents at enclosure assembly level.
  • Conductive gaskets for module assembly.
  • Conductive gasket at board level cans at PCB level.

EMI Solution

Spring Fingers


Strips for rack grounding

Key Product Features

Suitable for repeated insertions


s Reliable grounding of racks to enclosure

EMI Solution

Door gasket

Key Product Features

Available with a soft core


Robust gasket

EMI Solution

Shielding over air inlet/outlet apertures

Key Product Features

Allows good airflow and provides high level of EMI shielding


Improved EMI shielding over air inlet/outlet apertures


Door gasket Strips for rack grounding

Key Product Features

Very soft and conformable high wear resistance


Reliable grounding of racks Provides door seal with a low closure force

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