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Knitted wire mesh EMC gasket

31 augusti 2018

Knitted wire mesh EMC gasket

Knitted wire mesh is the original gasket for RFI/EMI shielding and is still one of the most cost effective solutions. In applications where low frequencies in the magnetic field are a problem the bulk of metal in knitted mesh gaskets make it the best performer. At 10 kHz, H field (magnetic field) it is possible to achieve a shielding effectiveness of 62 dB attenuation making it suitable for EMP electromagnetic pulse) applications, at higher frequencies such as 10Ghz, attenuation’s of above 45 dB can be achieved.

Knitted mesh is very versatile as it can be knitted to any diameter from 1mm up to 25 mm as a solid mesh or over any type of sponge rubber cord or tube therefore fine-tuning its compressibility from hard to very soft. Rectangular sections are available and sponge or solid rubber with a self adhesive backing can be bonded along the length of the mesh to form an environmental seal and or act as an assembly aid.

Custom gaskets can be made from knitted mesh by fabrication or bonding the mesh to the edge of die cut rubber shapes, compression stops can be bonded into the rubber carrier to protect the gasket from over compression.

Standard wire types available are Monel, TCS, Aluminium and Stainless Steel giving the option matching wire types with enclosure materials to give galvanic compatibility.

To find out more about our knitted wire mesh click here.

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